Mr Ugly


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Ugly Story


It all started one summers day. I was looking for a new tomato variety to grow for next spring. The nursery I work for is always on the lookout for something that home gardeners would enjoy growing. I gave a mate of mine Jan a call. He has his own seed business and just happened to have a trial growing of some 30 different tomato varieties. "Its just a few short hours drive from here" he said. So a couple of days later I went round to Jan's house and off we went.

When you leave the big smoke and head for the countryside, you see miles of nothing. It gets you talking, and pretty soon we were in deep conversation about the virtues of a good tomato. "It's gotta be easy to grow," I said. "and most important of all its gotta have good flavour."

Well, we soon got to this big tomato farm, and I MEAN BIG ! They grow over half a million tomato plants. The trial alone was nearly 2000 plants. They sure knew their tomatoes. They were always looking for a better variety than the one they were currently growing.

There was one thumping big fruiting variety that Jan had put in the trial. It had mottly looking deformed like pieces of fruit. Hideous ! Jan said, "We nicknamed that one Mr Ugly. Nobody wants to grow him cause he's not good looking enough for the market". Then along came a worker who was of Italian descent. He went up and picked a Mr Ugly. I asked him what he picked that one for. He said it was for his lunch, and that the "Ugly one" had the best flavour.

Well, as far as I was concerned, I'd just found our new variety. He was a strong plant, a big ugly fruiter, but out of thousands of plants in the field, an Italian bloke picked this one because it tasted the best. - Mr Ugly was born !




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