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Hello mr ugly founders,

My name is mark. I’m 38 . live in melbourne’ s outer west.have always tried to grow at least one tommy a yr. and been retired after a work injury, and my new hobby is growin mr uglies… I have planted two (see pics)..i planted them both on melb cup weekend…. My dad used to always plant he’s then or maybe if he got plants early on AFL grand final day… so I reckon mine are about 6 and a bit weeks old maybe bit more… im totally amazed how fast and tall the Mr Ugly grows - and ive never seen as many flowers on a tommy plant, my mate over the road has gross lisse in and they are way way smaller then my mr uglies.. F.Y.I I planted mr uglies amongsts mums prized roses , she went omg , but she be cool wen the fruits of my labour come in abundance .. hehehe
I’m 5’9” and this plant is just over my head and still growing ,I lose count of the flowers on it,and as of today (Friday 16th dec) there's about 15/20 fruit ..(see next pic)..
I try to water them 3 times a day but at least two. I also try to tie them in a tight tree ,I think if branches left to be then fruit can break them,(so hint for ppl wanting to have a crack at it ,next yr as bit to late to plant now), tie them close to centre stalk .if branches do escape my wrath, I add extra support poles(thick wire).. I planted them in a sunny position, they get sun from minute it rises to about 2pm in the arvo… heard they need at least 6 hrs of sunshine a day? … and the bricks behind act as a heater when they end up in shade like you see in picture…
About ½ the fruit on the above plant is this size about 1 and ½ golf ball size..
Anyway best get going. Thanx for a great tomato plant,cant wait to try the fruit . ill send more pics when fruit become ripe so others can see . till then happy growing… All the best, Mark.
Heres the other one it’s a bit smaller and up to today had no fruit loads of flowers ,I counted 8 fruit today very tiny but they are there ..
it hit the roof !! Thanx for a great tommy ill be growing them again this year. The picture of this plants was as big as it got . He was over 3mtrs tall. All up I got about 250 tomatoes from 2 plants. I have it all written down but haven't added total/weight up yet. All my family and friends loved the free mr uglies I handed out, and all said they were the best tasting ever.



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