Mr Ugly

baby watermelon yellow



Grow me !


Mr. Ugly is a fantastic tomato for all gardeners to grow because, although he's ugly, he's also a very strong, top-performing variety that rewards efforts with a big bold tomato taste.
Position: The sunniest place you can find.
Height: I'll get at least 5 feet and like to be staked.
Spacing: If you put a few of me in, leave a few feet between us.
Music: Mozart, heavy metal (to toughen me up), or Smashing Pumpkins cause I love doing that in my spare time.
Prepare some nice soil for me - chicken manure, blood and bone, compost or anything else high in Nitrogen. This will really get me going ! If you plant me in a pot - use some decent potting mix so I drain well, and put me in a nice big tub. That's what you'd want.
Plant me as soon as you can, watering me in well. Put the stake in soon so you don't damage my rooting ability later on. Give me as much support as you can both mentally and physically. As I grow, I like to be tied up with old stockings cause they don't cut into me and cause they're a bit stretchy.
If I come in a brown biodegradable pot you can tap the pot on a hard surface to split its sides open a bit. Then you can plant me and the pot together ! Its as easy as 123.
I recommend you pinch out some of my early sideshoots. These grow in between my stem and leaves. It will get me to concentrate on growing some really strong branches above.
I'm a hungry little fella, so plenty of plant food rich in potassium to help me fruit, and calcium to make my bones strong. I like the stuff you mix in water and can drink buckets of the stuff, but maybe only once a week or so.
Talk to me at least once a week. That way i'll feel less ostricised and the neigbour next door will probably start to mind their own business - for once.
If you got this far you are a legend ! You deserve some really ugly fruit, and I hope it goes a long way to making you feel more attractive - ya big spunk !
See ya !


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