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This is the page where you can become famous ! Send us your photo of your Mr Ugly tomato. The ugliest tomatoes will win a pair of Felco 310 tomato pruners, great for pruning plants and harvesting fruit. The winner for the 07 southern hemisphere season is Clairy from Sydney, Australia. Here is what she said: "After a few mishaps with wind etc, I was finally able to grow them to a stage where I could plant them out in the garden. The taste was delicious and the plants grew to well over 6ft tall. They needed extra support." Of course I need extra support - its the mental scarring from being so ugly!

notice the lovely basil and the tin fence which provides extra warmth
ugliest trio ever !
still developing
plain and ugly
The winners for the 05/06 growing season were Elizabeth, and of course Mark, who kept us informed throughout the season. And one of the ugliest of all was grown by Brian, but it didn't qualify cause it ain't a Mr Ugly. Thanks growers.
The winning fruit are:
ugly best photograph very very ugly
Mark's ugliest smile !
Elizabeth - best photo
Another Mark special
very very very ugly  
Brian grew a ripper !    
This is what Mark had to say: click here
This is what Aaron Jenkin from Melbourne had to say:

You note on the web site that it'll grow to about 5ft. How does 9 weeks in the ground, 4 main growing points, countless leaders forming, only a few new small fruit forming, still growing very fast, and now heading up past 7ft sound???

Seriously, its bloody huge!

It started with a 4ft cage but outgrew that in weeks. I have 2x6ft stakes which it has
now also outgrown. So I've had to run a trellis line across at about the 7ft mark and am running support lines down off that. Any growth over that is just going to have to stay horizontal.

I planted 4 others: Grafted Apollo Improved and Gross Lisse.... Heirloom Black
Russian and San Marzano. All of these are not much over 4 ft and NOWHERE near as bulky.

Not the best photo as it's blending in with the Fruit trees and Zucchinis, but you can
see just how much I am having to try and support this thing with twine.

Just an update..... I am struggling to support this plant.

EVERY single person that has seen it is totally blown away by the size. Its crazy!

Will touch base again once I have some fruit and also get a picture of the plant even


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